RockWater Ranch is a family farm nestled in the lush Cascade mountains outside Myrtle Creek, Oregon. Here our heritage pasture raised Berkshire pigs and Lowline Angus cattle enjoy the sunshine, abundant meadows, the sound of the creek rushing by and fresh cedar forest air.

We endeavor to use self sustainable farming methods such as rotational grazing and humane low-stress handling of our animals. We choose to use no hormones, steroids, chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. As a result of our farming practices with raising excellent heritage breeds of Berkshire pigs and Lowline Angus, we provide high quality, flavorful healthy meat for discerning families and fine restaurants.

We believe we offer some of the finest pork and beef available.  Further, we believe that it is healthier and more sustainably raised than traditional commercial pork and beef.  However, we also believe that this is how all of our food should be raised and that it should be as affordable as possible.  The supply and demand curve would dictate that we should charge considerably more for our meat.  But we believe that healthy and sustainably raised beef and pork should be affordable to as many people as possible.  We realize that our excellent heritage beef and pork is not as cheap as supermarket pork, then again the quality isn't even in the same realm. That said, with all things considered we don't believe you will find a better value.